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Comedian Reign emphasizes the importance of education for comedians


Renowned comedian Reign, from the comedy duo Maulana and Reign, has urged his fellow comedians to prioritize education, emphasizing its significance in understanding the world and ensuring long-term success.

Reign pointed out that many comedians neglect their education once they achieve fame, mistakenly believing that popularity alone will sustain them.

Before embarking on his comedy career, Reign worked as a primary school teacher, a profession he reluctantly entered due to his parents’ wishes.

They financed his education, and after completing his course, he taught for three years. Even as he began performing on stage, he continued his teaching job until his comedy career demanded his full attention due to frequent bookings.

Despite leaving teaching, Reign did not abandon his educational pursuits. He enrolled in a journalism course and recently earned a diploma from a private university.

I want my fellow celebrities to consider going to school and advancing their education. It is very important although most of them don’t see it because of fame. They will realize it when fame starts fading.


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