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Daddy Andre calls Artin Pro a DJ rather than a producer, questions originality and quality


Renowned musician, songwriter, and producer Daddy Andre has taken a bold stance against fellow producer Artin Pro.

In a statement during Galaxy TV’s Evening Rush Reloaded, Daddy Andre expressed his dissatisfaction with Artin Pro’s work, claiming that the latter is more of a DJ than a true producer, citing concerns about the originality and quality of Artin Pro’s productions.

Having initially made his mark in the industry as a music producer before transitioning into singing, Daddy Andre has always held himself in high regard. He emphasized that his singing is driven by passion and a desire to show his exceptional abilities rather than monetary gain.

Drawing on his extensive experience, Daddy Andre said that many artists who initially seek other producers often return to him for guidance and advice on their projects.

Critiquing Artin Pro’s work, Daddy Andre expressed disinterest in what he perceives as a lack of innovation and authenticity in Artin Pro’s productions.

He likened Artin Pro’s style to that of a DJ merely mixing sounds, rather than crafting unique and original compositions.

I have my best Ugandan Producers, but Artin Pro is not one of them. He sounds more like a DJ than a producer. I don’t find the music he has produced good at all.

Daddy Andre

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