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Dax Vibes dismisses rumors of feud between Bobi Wine and Alien Skin


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Dax Vibez

Singer Ivan Bugembe Sentamu alias Dax Vibes has poured cold water on allegations that suggest that Fangone Forest singer Alien Skin beefs with singer-cum-politician Bobi Wine.

Dax Vibes explains that there has never been beef between Bobi Wine and Alien Skin as he asserts that the former considers the latter as his child.

The “Mayumba Kumi” singer notes that Alien Skin loves Bobi Wine in disguise and asks people not to take what the “Sitya Danger” singer always says seriously reasoning that whatever he does is out of love.

Dax further adds that Bobi Wine is a father figure to many artists in Ugandan showbiz.

He also notes that he has no time to have bad blood with Alien Skin, who is just a year and a half old on the entertainment scene.

There is no beef between Bobi Wine and Alien Skin. Bobi considers Alien Skin as his child and that’s why he even posted about him saying he is a star in the making. He is a father figure to many in dancehall. It is evident that Alien Skin loves and likes Bobi Wine in disguise.

He may not know that he likes him but the truth is that he does so if you’re to look at the way he conducts himself. I can him and if you see his vibe. Don’t take what he says, just take what he does, and you will realize.

Daxx Vibes

He also stressed that Alien sometimes makes statements that are not out of his will due to how far some media personalities push him.

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