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Daxx Kartel’s newborn son keeps him awake at night, reveals sleepless nights


Daxx Kartel and Momo19 welcomed their bundle of joy a few months back, a baby boy, into the world however Daxx is having sleepless nights.

In an interview on Spark TV’s Daily Soup, the newborn father shared his experience as a parent, talking about the sleepless nights that have become a regular part of his routine.

He shared how the baby cries throughout the night have deprived him of much-needed rest, and his surprise at the challenges of the circumcision period and dealing with baby colic.

I should’ve been warned about colic and circumcision as a new boy dad, I hardly get any sleep at night because they cause him to cry endlessly but however, it is an experience that I love so much.

Daxx Kartel

Despite the hurdles, he acknowledges that the journey of parenthood is a beautiful one that he loves and cherishes, especially as he shares the responsibilities with his baby mama, Momo19.

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