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D’Mario denies assault, advises Wire Wire Bwongo to focus on music than stunts


At the end of April, an upcoming artist Wire Wire Bwongo, real name is Luke Wandera, revealed to the media how his music career took a painful turn when he was allegedly assaulted by a producer known as D’Mario, leaving him with a swollen mouth and broken teeth.

Wire Wire Bwongo narrated that he reached out to De Mario, a producer, to record a song at his studio. A deposit of Ugx 230,000 was made towards the total cost of Ugx 300,000, with the remaining balance to be paid upon completion of the project.

However, Wire Wire found himself waiting for an extended period, making multiple visits to the producer’s studio in search of his completed song.

After persistent efforts to retrieve his song, he finally confronted the producer and instead of receiving the song he had eagerly anticipated, he was met with deception and lies.

To his shock and dismay, the situation escalated, resulting in a violent assault that left him with swollen lips and broken teeth. The brutality of the attack was compounded by threats, warning the artist to keep silent and refrain from seeking help from the media.

While speaking on the matter, D’Mario noted that he charges Ugx1m and above for each song he produces at his Legendary Production studio and that the Ugx230k claimed was just an initial deposit.

He denied assaulting Wire Wire Bwongo and claimed that upcoming artists always come up with such stunts to gain quick cheap fame which is wrong.

How can he claim I took his money if he did not pay the balance? I have done over seven interviews with people asking me about that sem person. That boy came with a colleague to my studio and they did a song. It is a duo. I believe he did it for the news because the other partner has not come out to the public with these claims.

He was trying to be clever and misinformed his other partner. I called all of them and asked that we clear the money issues but they started some chaos and my boys instructed them to leave my premises. I woke up the next day to videos of him in the news with a bloodstained shirt.

I don’t know why upcoming artists think that stunts are the way to make them famous. It is wrong. This is not the first case of the nature against me, they do that a lot. He needs to focus more on creating good music that these stunts, that’s how the big artists have made it.


Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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