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From blogging to farming: Ashburg Kato’s journey from urban activism to village life


Once-popular blogger Ashburg Kato opened up about his unexpected transition from urban activism to embracing village life.

Having once been a staunch follower and advocate of opposition figure Bobi Wine, Kato’s ideological shift during the 2021 general elections sent shockwaves among netizens, especially on social media.

His abrupt change towards supporting the ruling party not only surprised many but also strained his relationship with Bobi Wine, who had placed trust in him.

However, Kato’s decision came with consequences. He faced backlash from Bobi Wine and his supporters, leading to the deletion of his social media platforms—his primary tools for blogging.

The loss of his digital platforms prompted a period of thinking, making him to reevaluate his priorities and aspirations. It was during this period that Kato made a decision—to invest in a quieter, more grounded existence in the countryside.

Kato seized the opportunity to purchase 17 acres of land in the village, started cultivating the land, and resorted to farming.

I don’t regret going back to the village because I am living a better life. I have so much land that I am using for farming and establishing myself. I don’t miss anything in Kampala.

Ashburg Kato

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