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East African artists excel in live performances over West Africans, says Joshua Baraka


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Melodic singer Joshua Baraka believes East African artists are better than West Africans when it comes to live music based on the interactions he has had with a several artists coming from that side of Africa.

He explains that West African artists are super good in studio and that they put all their efforts in studio when recording a song so that they come out with something perfect that they can sell online unlike East Africans.

Further, he narrates that since he is a musician who prefers live music, he feels like he can’t pay his money to attend an event where a performer won’t execute the same way they do in studio.

For artists I can’t watch live, I can’t be their fan. That is the another area where I feel East Africans are good and better than West Africans, in live music because in East Africa, live music is the real deal because you have to be able to perform and do what you did in studio.

West Africans make amazing music because they’re really good in the studio and East Africans are lazy in studio.

Joshua Baraka

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He adds that being a performer is an art of its own and that is why people are able to record music and be good record artists yet not good performers on the stage, something that is very common with Nigerain stars.

Being a performer is also an art of its own and that is why people are able to record music and are good recording artists but when they are not good performers because the stage is another world and a home of its own.

I feel at home when I’m on stage because I’ve done it for a long time and a lot of artists started in the studio and when it comes to performances they’re going to struggle.

The reason is that when you’re in the studio, you can sing one line and pause. Yet with performance you have to sing the whole verse. When I’m in studio recording, I record the song one take.

Joshua Baraka

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