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MC Kats challenges Eddy Kenzo over handling of Fille Mutoni’s situation (Watch)


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Emcee and TV Presenter Edwin Katamba, popularly known as MC Kats, has called out singer Eddy Kenzo, president of the Uganda National Musicians Federation, regarding the handling of female musician Fille Mutoni’s situation.

MC Kats publicly urged Eddy Kenzo to give Fille back if she’s considered a burden to the Federation.

This comes after Kats expressed his frustration with Kenzo for allegedly refusing financial assistance towards organizing Fille’s concert, opting instead to redirect him to his manager, Beta.

In response, Eddy Kenzo revealed that Fille is currently undergoing rehabilitation, supported by the Federation.

Unfazed by Kenzo’s response, MC Kats reaffirmed his commitment to supporting Fille, stating that he has been providing for her needs for years and is willing to continue doing so.

He urged Kenzo to reconsider his stance and allow him to take care of Fille’s rehabilitation expenses.

I want to tell Eddy that if they are tired of looking after Fille, they should return her to me. I can gladly take care of the rehab process because that is something I have done for the past couple of years. Fille is a girl from the church and Apostle Grace had offered her free rehab services.

MC Kats

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