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Emmanuel Lwasa vows to avoid dating women after losing property


Embattled Masaka City businessman Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesi disclosed that if there is anything he is willing not to indulge himself in is dating women when he becomes rich again.

Although he often denies having lost his property due to an extravagant lifestyle and carelessly spending on women, he looks forward to avoiding them if chance favors him again.

Speaking in an interview, he noted that he had a child with Angel Kwakunda, the lady he got married to when BBS Telefayina presenter Dianah Nabatanzi frustrated and ditched him for another man after spending on her heavily.

Emmanuel Lwasa furthermore disclosed that Angel Kwakunda birthed for him but she declined to reveal the child to him. He added that she only shares snaps of the baby with him but refused to show him the baby in full photos something that has forced him to doubt the baby.

Recently, he had been bedridden and came out to confirm that he was battling diabetes and he almost went to the ICU during his recent admission to the hospital.

Ever since his troubles started, Lwasa has lost several of his properties, including his Mercedes-Benz G-Class, known as the G-Wagon, tents he used to rent out at functions, 10 trailer trucks, and six Fuso trucks, and he currently has no source of income.

The bank is also about to take the three-story building that houses Club Tavern Kick at Kyabakuza Township along the Masaka-Mbarara Highway. The building, which was constructed in 2015, sits on a 200 by 70ft. space and it is valued at Shs4.5 billion.

Lwasa’s health status has had a sudden change and he no longer takes care of his children as he ditched them out to his siblings to help him out on seeing them grow in proper hands.

He is being taken care of by his daughter and maids making sure that he stays sane and healthy at all times as they help encourage him to take his medication and entertain him.

He is at the moment looking to turn to God as he had earlier on tried when he paid a visit to Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s Church.

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