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Feffe Bussi clarifies Gravity Omutujju’s absence from Hiphop ku Nalubale concert


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Recently, Feffe Bussi held a successful concert titled “Hiphop ku Nalubale.” However, one question lingered in the minds of fans and critics – Why was Gravity Omutujju absent from the event?

When asked about Gravity Omutujju’s absence, Feffe Bussi responded saying that Gravity Omutujju is not a Hiphop artist but rather sings “Hipopo.”

According to him, this difference in musical style was the reason for Gravity Omutujju’s absence from his concert.

He also emphasized his focus on building his brand, suggesting that Gravity Omutujju may have had other commitments that took precedence over attending the event, and he greatly thanked all artists who came through to support him in all ways possible.

During the interview, Fefe Bussi also expressed his gratitude towards his fans and friends who showed support at his concert and applauded their dedication and love to his music so he keeps flying higher and also keep in business.

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