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Feffe Bussi expresses dissatisfaction with UNMF’s lack of tangible benefits


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Feffe Bussi has shared his reason as to why he chose not to join the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF).

He expressed a lack of regret over his decision, citing a perceived absence of tangible benefits for musicians who have been registered members for almost a year.

The UNMF was established by Eddy Kenzo with the primary objective of advocating for the rights of musicians, particularly the copyright law. Kenzo’s initiative also aimed to secure financial support from the government to assist struggling artists in meeting their basic needs and investing in their craft.

Acknowledging Kenzo’s efforts, Feffe highlighted the government’s provision of financial aid to artists through the federation.

However, he raised concerns about the transparency and fairness of the distribution process.

I personally don’t have regrets of not joining the federation. I am just happy that I don’t have to go through some drama just to get money that is government money.

Feffe Bussi

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