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Fik Gaza narrates how language barrier made it hard for him to communicate with Konshens on their collaboration


Collaborations between artists from different countries and cultures are becoming increasingly common within the Ugandan music industry, but however, these collaborations can sometimes present unique challenges, as Fik Gaza discovered during his encounter with Jamaican artist Konshens.

On the Deep Talk with Mr Henrie, Fik Gaza narrated that during their collaboration on the hit song “Banana” with Jose Chameleon and Konshens, he found himself struggling to communicate effectively with Konshens.

The primary obstacle was the language barrier, as he primarily spoke Jamaican Patois, a dialect that Fik Gaza had difficulty understanding.

He says that Jose Chameleone was well conversant with the language and could easily communicate with him to the extent that they both forgot that he couldn’t understand patois.

Rather than letting the language barrier hinder their progress, Fik Gaza decided to prioritize the music and not stress about what he couldn’t understand.

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