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Ruth Kalibbala shares challenging pregnancy and schooling experience


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Ruth Kalibbala, a media personality, found herself facing a challenging situation when she discovered she was pregnant while still in school way back in her adolescent years and she shared her story on the Sit Down With Juliana podcast.

Ruth shares that she at first hesitated to tell her father about her pregnancy, fearing disappointment and heartbreak. But eventually, she mustered up the courage to have that difficult conversation. Sadly, her father’s tears and regret over losing Ruth’s mother added to the weight of the situation.

Despite the challenges, Ruth explains that she was determined to continue her education and was able to find a school where she could complete her final exams while keeping her pregnancy a secret. She however returned to school after giving birth.

When I finally told my father about it, he shed tears and said he wished my mum was still alive because all this wouldn’t have happened. He felt so heartbroken and chased me away so he could cool down.

When he finally did, we both had an uncomfortable conversation, and he agreed to take me back to school so I could sit for my final exams.

Ruth Kalibbala

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