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From slay queen to modest living: Judith Heard’s transformation redefines lifestyle


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Judith Heard ditched her “slay queen” lifestyle and gave her life to Christ. She explained why she took this transformative turn.

According to her, the decision to move away from a lavish lifestyle came from the desire to create a safe environment and guidance for her family and kids.

Judith reflected on her past, where she was immersed in a world of partying and chopping money.

From being the first 19-year-old Ugandan female to ride a big car with a personalized number plate, to holding the biggest parties around town and not leaving the sight of media attention, she says that all that was fun but she had gotten a marriage and family that needed an exemplary mother.

She now embraced a life that is not only free and comfortable but also deeply inspiring to her children and has also given her the freedom to be with God.

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