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Nina Roz criticizes Uganda National Musicians Federation for inaction, calls for visible actions


Nina Roz, the “Billboard” singer, has raised some provoking questions about the Uganda National Musicians Federation.

When asked about the federation’s existence and why she left, Nina explained that she has been facing some challenges that required her to balance various commitments such as education, politics, and music. This has since kept her extremely busy to know what exactly is going on within the federation.

She also spilled a few remarks about the federation’s focus on “talking the talk, and not walking the walk,” referring to many artists who have been seeking more than just lip service.

She further hinted that more artists will continue leaving as long as their call for visible actions and services rather than mere words is not listened to.

I have been so busy with music, personal life, and school that I’ve not been so up-to-date with the federation errands.

I wonder if it still exists, artists will continue leaving as long as they keep questioning the real core values of the federation. The leaders need to begin providing solutions and acting on them, not lip service all the time.

Nina Roz

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