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From sleeping on the streets to realizing his music dreams, Sama Sojah’s story


Born and raised in the village, Sama Sojah had a burning passion for music, which led him through a tough experience, and ended up sleeping on the streets.

He narrates that after he heard about Mozart Studios, the best producer in town at the time, he was told that all he needed was Shs150,000 to record a song there.

As soon as he finished his senior six, he saved up the money and set off for Kampala.

Things didn’t go as planned when he reached Busega and the people he had relied on abandoned him, leaving him stranded and alone. With no one to turn to, he found himself spending nights on the streets of Busega, but he never gave up.

Fate intervened when he met other street dwellers who listened to his story and welcomed him into their community.

Together, they worked on the streets, unloading lorries carrying vegetables. They relied on the leftovers of cabbage and carrots to survive. It was a tough way to make a living, but Sama Sojah’s determination kept him going.

Eventually, luck smiled upon him when he met a friend who offered him shelter. This marked the beginning of a new chapter in his journey. With a roof over his head and newfound support, Sama Sojah’s dreams started to take shape.

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