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Rickman Manrick and several artists propose a concert for Artin Pro


In the midst of brewing tension between producers Daddy Andre and Artin Pro, singer Rickman Manrick has stepped up to spearhead support for music producer Artin Pro.

Rickman’s support follows the remarks made by Daddy Andre, who questioned Artin Pro’s credentials, labeling him as a mere DJ rather than a music producer.

Artists who have worked with Artin Pro swiftly came to his defense and proposed he organize a concert so that people could come through and show him support for his great work.

Rickman Manrick emphasized the pivotal role Artin played in shaping his musical journey. Rickman revealed that all his hits were the product of Artin Pro’s expertise and creativity.

Artin should do a Artin and friends show for us the people that love and appreciate his creativity. A tables only show at 2.5m for 6 people. I will buy a table and also perform for free and I know many artists will as well. 50 tables are enough for his circle of intimates.

Rickman Manrick via X

Joining in support, Fik Fameica, another artist, attested that a substantial portion of his hit songs were crafted by Artin Pro, dismissing the notion of him being labeled as a mere DJ.

In light of these endorsements, Rickman Manrick advocated for Artin Pro by organizing a concert. He proposed that Artin enlists the support of those he has collaborated with throughout his career.

Rickman expressed confidence in the potential success of such an event, suggesting that even a modest turnout of 50 tables, priced at 2.5 million each, could yield significant benefits for Artin as a music producer.

Other artists who sounded supportive include Lydia Jazmine, AnKnown Prosper, and Karole Kasita.

I know someone will offer production for the show and someone will offer a suitable venue for the show. @Artin_pro check your dms some people might be willing to offer 🙏🏾🙏🏾

— Rickman Manrick (@RickmanManrick) April 7, 2024

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