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Ray G’s concert impresses with simple fashion choice, Naira Ali praises


Western Uganda’s star, Ray G had a successful concert yesterday at Lugogo Cricket Oval and his simple fashion choice impressed many including fellow singer Naira Ali.

Naira Ali, took to her Facebook to praise Ray G for not wearing the often extravagant attires favored by many artists, emphasizing that such costumes often add little to the essence of a performance.

Ray G’s concert marked his second major event in Kampala, with some artists initially expressing concerns about its potential success. However, these doubts flopped as many fans flocked to the venue from across the country, filling it to capacity.

What set Ray G apart, according to observers like Naira Ali, was his fashion style. Unlike many of his peers who frequently make fashion statements on stage, Ray G opted for a singular attire throughout the entire concert.

Now did RAY G die? He performed in one outfit, no foil paper costumes, no funny alligator shoes, no choreography. No bringing wife and family on stage, no politics. No people carrying him on stage, no crying on stage, and basically NO DRAMA. Did he die?

Naira Ali

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