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Kapa Cat criticizes artists for producing lazy and vulgar music, urges parents to control content their children consume


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Kapa Cat has talked about the delicate balance artists face in delivering their message while considering their audience. She says every artist has a target market, and everyone should consume only what works for them.

In the past weeks, there has been a conversation on whether artists have become quite too lazy to produce meaningful music or go with the trend even if it means sounding abusive or obscene in their music. Music critics, media personalities, and artists themselves have been giving their opinions on this issue.

Kapa brags about knowing how to “work her work” to ensure her music sounds without being vulgar, even when it seems to be.

Some artists don’t consider this in crafting their art, but she urged them to cover up when producing their music.

Moreover, Kapa Cat advises parents to control the content their children consume in today’s music industry.

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