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Hellen Lukoma criticizes reliance on family for financial support, advocates personal responsibility


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Actress and singer Hellen Lukoma has criticized people who blame their relatives for not extending financial support towards their causes.

The well-doing “Olinye Ya Majje” singer notes that she no longer judges people who do not support others reasoning that she doesn’t expect anyone to be giving free money.

The mother of two also wondered why someone would give birth to many children that he/she can’t take good care of thus throwing the burden on their well-doing relatives and blaming them.

She thus urged men to cease being “sperm donors” and tasked them to control their hormones saying it is not good to burden your relatives with tasks that they did not send you to commit to.

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People criticize their relatives for not supporting them but I no longer judge people and I don’t expect anyone to be giving anyone free money. As lovers’ why would you give birth to over like 20 children. For who?

Control your hormones and distribution of sperms. I’m not saying it out of bad faith but I see a common trend of people judging their relatives for not supporting them. The blame should be put toward your parents for not working hard to support you.

Please give birth to few children and don’t beg those who have because when their money gets done, it will be you the same people who will laugh at them.

Hellen Lukoma

Hellon Lukoma completed her submission by explaining to whoever cared to listen that she only has money to foot her children and family needs and not support relatives adding that she only steps in when God provides a little more.

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