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Grenade Official accuses former manager Jeff Kiwa of withholding music royalties (Watch)


Grenade Official revealed that his music royalties are being withheld by his former manager, Jeff Kiwa, suggesting that he has not reaped the benefits of his music.

Jokingly, he remarked that perhaps those enjoying the fruits of his labor could’ve done all his music on his behalf without his notice because he is still struggling to earn a single penny from his former management.

Grenade Official shared that he started this journey to regain control over his royalties and receive the recognition and rewards he deserves not a while ago and has since then received peanuts but promises to continue fighting to see that there is fair treatment in the creative process.

I have not gained from all the music that was produced by my former management. I put up a fight and started earning something small about a month ago, but I’m still struggling to see to it that I get all my music royalties back.

Grenade Official

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