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Hellen Lukoma receives luxurious Mercedes-Benz on marriage anniversary


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Celebrations reached new heights for Ugandan singer Hellen Lukoma as she marked their anniversary with her husband, Anwar Kaka.

The marriage anniversary came with exciting news when Lukoma was presented with a stunning Mercedes-Benz by her husband.

The luxurious gift comes as no surprise from Mr. Anwar Kaka, who has a habit of showering his beloved wife with gifts. Kaka previously stunned Lukoma with a custom Range Rover adorned with personalized number plates.

Lukoma couldn’t contain her excitement upon receiving the addition to her car collection. Taking to social media, she delightedly shared a video of her new ride with her fans and followers.

MR A always says “it doesn’t matter how you get it, as long as you get it,” It doesn’t matter how you get there as long as you get there. “It doesn’t matter how you can afford it as long as you can afford it and have it.” My love language Gifts

Thank you to my King


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