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MC Kats and Eddy Kenzo in dispute over financial support for Fille’s concert


The root of the recent clash between MC Kats and Eddy Kenzo has been uncovered as a dispute over allegations from MC Kats accusing Eddy Kenzo of withholding financial support for Fille’s upcoming concert.

In response, Eddy Kenzo has refuted these claims, asserting that he has provided support to Fille during challenging times, including her battle with depression. He maintains that he offered Fille a collaboration, aiming to aid her resurgence in the music scene.

Have seen MPs in Uganda complain about Hand Outs
And have seen couple of your Friends buy New Cars in these last month
And one Big Friend who caused chaos loudly n was sorted..But my pastor advised me to keep quiet

— MC Kats (@mckatsug) April 15, 2024

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