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He’s at the ‘center of my heart- Jackie Chandiru reveals close bond with DJ Shiru


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Renowned singer Jackie Chandiru a.k.a Queen of the Nile has disclosed the bond between her and deejay Shiru saying he is a person very close to her heart.

Speaking in an interview, she elicited mixed reactions when she openly declared that DJ Shiru is at the center of her heart adding that he is at the right ventricle.

He is one of those people in this industry and also on a personal side he is very close to my heart that is all I can say and that is the truth of the matter. He is at the center of my heart. At the right ventricle.

Jackie Chandiru

The “Love Portion” singer was full of praise for DJ Shiru noting that he has given her the push whenever he needed him and has never found any difficult time while dealing with him, unlike other artists.

Jackie Chandiru adds that DJ Shiru has been always good and very polite to her side noting that they usually hold conversations and get serious if need be.

Meanwhile, the former Blu*3 singer who used to struggle with abuse of toxic substances seems to have recovered fully going by the past couple of interviews that she has conducted with different media outlets.

Although someone to recover totally from abuse of toxic substances takes some good time, Chandiru looks pretty good and can do whatever she wants as back before when she got intoxicated.

She is far focused on their Blu*3 Reunion concert that is to take place on June 22nd at Kampala Sheraton Gardens.

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