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Mackline Asiimire and Romantic Mukiga’s love story captures hearts online


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Mackline Asiimire and Romantic Mukiga shared their love story in a now trending video on X (formerly Twitter) explaining the genesis of their bond.

She narrates that she was engaging a friend on Twitter, where she got swiftly challenged when Romantic Mukiga, true to his name, boldly sounded his intentions to marry her on their very first encounter in the DMs.

She adds that he continuously ‘simped’ for her and occasionally sent her compliments with a reminder that she shared a name with her soon-to-be mother-in-law.

We used to chat every day, and he would tell me that I am very beautiful and he would marry me. I must admit that I already had a crush on him, but I thought he was among the Kampala men gang who have made a name to themselves for wasting people’s time.


The couple tied the knot about a year ago and welcomed a precious child into their lives a few months later.

YouTube video

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