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Jowy Landa and Rahma Pinky’s friendship turns sour over relationship gossip


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The on-and-off friendship between singer Joan Namugerwa a.k.a Jowy Landa and Rahma Pinky looks to be taking a bitter turn following the new updates that are swirling on social media.

In a clip cited by this website, Jowy Landa and Rahma Pinky in their recent interviews looked to be sending each other jabs though each bragged about being the sweetest person to have as a friend.

While talking about relationships, Rahma Pinky openly stated that no one wants to know who Jowy Landa is dating reasoning that it is none of her business since it doesn’t put food on her table.

The “Picha” singer urged Jowy Landa to love her partner and enjoy their romance in privacy since it is their personal business.

Who wants to know her boyfriend? No one because that is none of our business. She should enjoy her romance with her lover in privacy as it doesn’t add value to my business. I don’t even care about who is dating Jowy Landa.

Rahma Pinky

Jowy Landa on the other hand as also claimed that she has no bad blood against Pinky but noted that she also doesn’t understand why someone would be out there hating on her for no reason.

The “Twafuna Ssente” singer further added that she is cool with Pinky as she maintained that she has no time for verbal exchange.

Pinky bragged about being the nicest person to have as a close buddy reasoning that she is a very peaceful person as she is always at home minding her own business.

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