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Juliana Kanyomozi reveals Swangz Avenue boss’ comparison of Azawi to Mowzey Radio


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Celebrated singer Juliana Kanyomozi opened up about a secret that Swangz Avenue boss Julius Kyazze told her when they were on the verge of signing Azawi.

While having a chat, Juliana Kanyomozi noted that Mr. Julius Kyazze was very excited to sign Azawi and secretly told her that Azawi was the ‘female version of Mowzey Radio’.

When Julius Kyazze discovered you for the first time, he was very excited, and he told me that whenever he would listen to you, he would feel the ‘female version of the late Mowzey Radio’

Juliana Kanyomozi

Kanyomozi let Azawi know that she was regarded as the ‘female version of the Mowzey Radio’ before she signed to Swangz Avenue after she disclosed that her biggest influence in the music industry was by the late Goodlyfe singer.

The Repeat It singer explained that before Radio passed on, she was a very big fan of his adding that she would listen to and repeat the Goodlyfe music often because of the love she had for his talent since Radio would sing emotionally to her disbelief.

Before Radio passed on, I was a very big fan of his. I was a big fan of Radio and Weasel. I loved those boys.

I think that was my generation. They’re the ones who carried me. So, I used to like them and listen to their music, and up to now, I listen to their music a lot.

So, I can understand why people say that there is a way I write in the same way the late Radio used to. But I just don’t like to take it that way because I feel like he is too good and he had a very big influence on the way I write and deliver.

What I loved a lot about him, he was very emotional in his lyrics. Song like Zuena and Ekyaama among others you feel them deep within you.


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