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Top songs to rock the audience at Carol Nantongo’s concert


Singer Carol Nantongo is one of the vocally gifted artists who have blessed us with sweet love melodies since she hit the Ugandan music industry.

She has churned out several songs that have helped her establish a strong fan base and whenever she takes to the stage, the crowd just goes into a frenzy.

She always flexes her vocal abilities while doing her craft whether on stage or during her studio sessions but this is not something that is just achieved overnight since one has to invest time and practice to execute to the level that she does though sometimes she doesn’t earn the hype that she deserves to.

She has also worked on some amazing collaborations with different artists which turned out to be chart-topping songs.

Nantongo has worked with the likes if Dr. Hilderman, Eddy Yawe, Kabuye Ssemboga, Nince Henry, and Sheebah Karungi among others.

For the first time in her career which dates way back from 2015 Carol Nantongo will this year be staging her maiden concert come 6th December 2024 at Hotel Africana.

Based on the music catalog that she possesses we decided to handpick a few of the songs we believe concertgoers who would turn up for her show are bound to groove to nonstop.

  1. Oliwa – This is a track written by Tamugi Official. The audio was recorded by Nessim whereas the amazing visuals where shot and directed by KIM X. On this project, Nantongo yearned for love from her lover.

YouTube video

2. Nyiga Wano

3. Bittafutafu

4. Nsika – This is another project Carol Nantongo recorded while under the Golden Production. She emotionally pours out her heart to her lover asking him to lead the way wherever he would wish to take her as she is deep in love.

YouTube video

5. Kuta Kuwona

6. Kamesse Tambula – The song breathed new life in Nantongo’s career as it opened wider doors for her and since she has never turned back despite having faced challenges.

YouTube video

7. Ompuuba – On this jam, she expresses how the person she is interested in is tossing her up and down. She asks him to avail her sometime so that they could spend time together as she warned slay queens back off him. It is another amazing piece from the diva.

YouTube video

8. Ontuuka featuring Dr. Hilderman

9. Tukiggale featuring Eddie Yawe

10. Esonga featuring Kabuye Ssemboga

11. Sirwana featuring Sheebah Karungi – Released in 2019 when Nantongo had just announced her departure from Golden Production, the tune elicted mixed reactions among music critics and fans. Many believed Nantongo hooking up with Sheebah, she was trying to cross from band music to dancehall.

Many bashed the song and at the same time enjoyed it in equal messures though they always claimed that the message that was being sent out in the song was encouraging women to cheat on their husbands.

You only had to be present to witness the drama as Nantongo had to do a lot of interviews to explain her side of the story.

YouTube video

12. Ndabula featuring B2C Entertainment

Happy Carol Nantongo Day come 6th December!

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