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Ugandan music producers criticize UNMF for overlooking their role in shaping artists’ careers


Ugandan music producers are voicing their discontent with the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) regarding the recent allocation of government funds.

Expressing a sense of exclusion, they argue that despite playing a pivotal role in shaping musicians’ careers, they are overlooked in key decisions and resource distribution.

When Eddy Kenzo established the federation, the vision was inclusive, comprising of talent managers, producers, DJs, and other industry stakeholders. However, in matters of leadership, only artists were appointed, leaving producers feeling marginalized.

Producers claim to shoulder the bulk of the workload in refining musicians’ craft, often being the driving force behind an artist’s success. Yet, they feel undervalued in the federation’s structure.

While the federation received financial support, there are allegations of discrepancies in how the money is allocated. Producer Washington, speaking on behalf of his peers, contends that producers deserve a significant share, advocating for at least 80% of the funds.

Washington further highlights the critical role producers play in the music industry, saying that many artists rely on their expertise to enhance their sound and commercial gains.

Musicians undermine audio producers, yet we play a vital role in creating great music for them. Most of them don’t know how to even sing, we just try to elevate their careers. We need money that was given to the federation.

Producer Washington

Producers are also advocating for greater representation and decision-making power within the UNMF, ensuring their voices are heard in matters that directly impact their livelihoods.

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