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Kalifah AgaNaga explains the genesis of his beef with Fik Gaza


If you have been keenly watching singer Kalifah AgaNaga in the past few interviews he conducted, you would realize that he is upset with the new singer on the block Fik Gaza.

Oftentimes, he has been mocking and throwing shed toward Fik Gaza in a manner he felt would hurt him and his fans at large. Many got to question why he was doing so.

Finally, he let the cat out of the bag when he took to his platforms and disclosed the genesis of his beef with Fik Gaza by saying that the Banana hit singer wanted to get him jailed yet he was the one who had breached an agreement that they had reached.

The “Ndabilawa” singer explained that he agreed with Fik Gaza on a payment to perform at a certain event, however, when he showed up at the venue, he saw it was a full house and changed his mind as he requested that the payment be topped up before he would hit the stage.

AgaNaga declined to do as Fik had requested and thus two fellout.

Following the fallout, Fik Gaza dragged AgaNaga to the Police Station in Nansana with the intention of having him jailed and their beef has been on since.

Am now a music promoter hosting nights and events, if an artist doesn’t show up for a show after changing his mind at the last minute, demanding more money than the agreed amount, just because the club is at full capacity…And tomorrow goes to the police to report to you that you should pay him… Yet he didn’t turn up…..Nze siwalana, kuba nali mwagaliza nemuwa ne business.

If you don’t know this story go to Nansana police for details. If you need to know my story with Fik, go to Nansana Police Station, you will know that he started the fire he can’t just stop… It was so disrespectful, so I can’t pass the respect. Banja lya Mwenge ligwa na Mwenge.. I kept quiet and he thought am a fool kati Zaabike emipiira…. That fool wanted to arrest me, yet he’s the one who changed after what we agreed on.


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