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Prima Kadarshi reveals painful journey of domestic violence and insecurities in love affair with Geosteady


Prima Kadarshi revealed intimate details about her romantic journey with singer Geosteady, opening up on the dark shadows of domestic violence and personal insecurities that were involved in their relationship.

Their love story began during their teenage years, with Prima in Senior Five and Geosteady in Senior Six vacation. As their bond deepened, they welcomed a daughter and decided to start a family together.

However, the joys of motherhood soon collided with harsh realities, as Prima dealt with the physical and emotional tolls of childbirth, including stretch marks, increased responsibilities, and weight gain. These challenges strained her confidence and self-esteem.

The situation became more challenging when Geosteady rose to fame. As admirers flocked around the singer, Prima found herself grappling with more insecurities, particularly as other women fought for Geosteady’s attention.

In her efforts to safeguard their relationship, Prima found herself entangled in conflicts, both online and within their community, as she fiercely defended her love against threats. However, her protective behavior often led to confrontations with Geosteady.

Unfortunately, Prima recounted instances where her interventions in Geosteady’s alleged affairs with other women resulted in physical violence.

Geosteady further got involved in sexual affairs with video vixens and this strained the relationship to its collapse.

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