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Kalifah AgaNaga mocks Fik Gaza’s concert ambitions


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Kalifah AgaNaga has come out to ridicule fellow singer Fik Gaza’s ambition to organize a concert. Fik Gaza expressed his confidence in holding a concert, because he feels he has garnered enough songs to warrant one, and even invited his supporters to suggest venues for the event.

Despite Fik Gaza receiving overwhelming support from his fans, with suggestions even extending to venues as large as Lugogo Cricket Oval, Kalifah AgaNaga couldn’t help but find the situation amusing.

He sarcastically encouraged Fik Gaza to proceed with his concert plans, hinting that the experience might serve as a reality check, much like what Hajjat Madina encountered.

Kalifah AgaNaga drew reference to the past when Hajjat Madina, riding high on the success of her hit song “Bibuza” in 2011, decided to organize a concert. Despite the song’s widespread popularity, the concert turned out to be a failure.

Please go ahead and do it. You will know that even Hajjat Madina once did a concert.

Kalifah AgaNaga

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