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Kapeke’s father supports music career after forgiving HTC phone theft


Kapeke, an upcoming artist, opened up about when he left home in Kawanda to pursue his dreams in the city, and he did so without a phone of his own. Desperate to stay connected and unable to afford one, he took his father’s HTC 1.

Kapeke shared that his father was aware of the theft but chose to forgive him, understanding the necessity of the situation.

I couldn’t suffer when I could just take my father’s phone and use that.


Despite the initial shock, Kapeke’s father has become one of his biggest supporters.

He proudly shares his son’s music challenges on his WhatsApp status, showing Kapeke’s rising success.

Kapeke is determined to repay his father’s understanding and support.

When I get some money from my music, I’m going to buy him a new phone.


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