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Lenacapavir injection proves 100% effective in preventing HIV infection


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In a clinical trial conducted in South Africa and Uganda, a twice-yearly injection of lenacapavir has demonstrated total protection against HIV infection among young women.

This breakthrough was revealed during the randomised phase of the trial, where none of the 2,134 women who received lenacapavir contracted HIV, revealing a 100% efficacy rate.

The primary objective of the trial was to evaluate whether a six-month injection of lenacapavir could offer better protection against HIV infection compared to two existing daily pill medications, both of which are pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) drugs. The study focused on women between the ages of 16 and 25, a demographic highly vulnerable to HIV.

Physician-scientist Linda-Gail Bekker, who led the South African segment of the study, emphasized the significance of these findings.

She noted that the trial not only assessed the safety and efficacy of the lenacapavir injection but also compared it against Truvada (F/TDF) and Descovy (F/TAF), two daily PrEP pills.

Truvada has been a cornerstone in HIV prevention for over a decade, widely used due to its proven effectiveness.

The results suggest a promising future for lenacapavir as a preferred PrEP option, offering an effective and convenient alternative to daily pills.

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