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Kenneth Mugabi advocates for distribution over copyright to protect and monetize music (Watch)


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Kenneth Mugabi, while on The Sit Down With Juliana Kanyomozi, offered a fresh perspective on how artists can protect and earn from their craft, urging fellow artists to prioritize distribution over copyright.

According to him, he says that artists asking for the already existing copyright systems is simply a waste of time, but rather urges them to focus on establishing a centralized distribution system that allows them to track their music and earn from it.

Mugabi emphasized the significance of distribution in reaching a wider audience and argued that while copyright protects an artist’s intellectual property, it does not guarantee exposure or financial gain.

He stressed that prioritizing distribution would ensure that their music reaches radios, social media platforms, and other avenues where it can be discovered by listeners but also tracked.

One of his key suggestions is the establishment of a centralized distribution system that provides artists with a platform to track their music and determine its value.

This system would create an open market where artists have control over how much they are willing to sell their music.

Singer @kennethmugabi urges his fellow artists to prioritize distribution over copyright.

“I think us asking for copyright that is already there is a wastage of time. We’re supposed to ask for distribution,”

📹: Juliana Kanyomozi/YT

— Baboon Forest Entertainment (@BaboonForestEnt) May 14, 2024

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