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Daddy Andre opts for independence in wedding finances, avoids expectations and entitlement


Daddy Andre shared his unique perspective on wedding ceremonies. Unlike traditional practices involving meetings and contributions, he prefers to handle his affairs, taking it as a personal responsibility.

He stresses that he values his independence and creative vision, and this mindset extends to his approach to wedding ceremonies, where he chooses to take full control of the financial aspects. By doing so, he ensures that every detail aligns with his personal preferences and artistic sensibilities.

He also adds that contributions from others can sometimes come with strings attached, leading to unwanted expectations.

Daddy Andre says when people contribute to your ceremonies, they command a different kind of respect and entitlement, which is most times very unnecessary.

As someone who likes to maintain a sense of freedom and authenticity in his relationship, he says he would rather foot the bills all by himself.

If people can contribute to my wedding, then it means I am unsure of my capabilities to take care of my wife. Someone will contribute about Shs4m, and each time he comes around, your wife feels indebted to treat them with utmost respect, which doesn’t sit well with me.

Daddy Andre

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