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King Saha’s performance disrupted as backstage band clashes with singer


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Kings Love Empire singer Mansoor Ssemanda alias King Saha fell out with the backstage band while performing live at Climax bar on Tuesday night.

The disagreement resulted from King Saha feeling that the band was not performing to his expectations and asked them to stop playing their instruments.

He went on to rant about how he would rather perform without the band instead of the revelers thinking that he is a terrible performer.

In the process, without the exchange of words and insults, the band calmly stopped playing their instruments and left the stage.

King Saha then asked the DJ to play his music from the laptop so the show would continue smoothly without further misunderstandings.

The misunderstanding between King Saha and the backstage band was a clear sign that the two entities had not gone through practice together before the show.

At some moments, King Saha appeared set to perform another song yet the band was also clearly set for another project.

Take a gaze at the video below;

YouTube video

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