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Lil Pazo advises ‘Hozambee’ singer D Star not to ever perform for free


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With the “Hozambee/Shifura” song dominating the airwaves, D Star is one of the most trending new artists on the Ugandan music scene currently.

It is a position Lil Pazo as well enjoyed for most of 2016 when his song “Genda Ogule Emotoka” became a huge sensation in the local music market.

At that time, Lil Pazo enjoyed the fame but was not smart enough to gain the most financial success from his hit song.

He often performed for free wherever he was called only later to regret his decisions when life took an unexpected turn when he fell ill and had no funds to help him through one of the roughest patches of his life.

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Looking at D Star, Lil Pazo sees his old self. He has stepped in with a piece of advice for the Hozambee star, urging him not to ever perform for free and to make the most of his hit song.

He, however, asked him never to charge money for media interviews as those are the channels he can always use to engage with his fans.

I advise him (D Star) not to fall for the same traps that I fell in in 2019 with the “Genda Ogule Emotoka” hit. Whoever wants you to sing, let them pay you. Don’t do it for free but do not charge money for interviews.

That is your channel of talking to your people. Just always respond to people’s questions because those are your fans but never perform for free at any event, let them pay you because the organizers always earn from your sweat. I don’t want you to have the same regrets I have had for the last seven years.

Lil Pazo

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