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Lil Pazo Lunabe narrates being chased away by Nince Henry over smelly shoes


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Lil Pazo Lunabe narrated how he was chased away by Nince Henry because apparently, he had smelly shoes.

Lil Pazo, in a struggle to break through the music industry, was ready to enter the studio and work on his music but was shocked with a surprising reaction.

He reveals that Nince Henry refused to head into the studio, claiming that his shoes emitted an unpleasant odor.

Determined to resolve the situation and create a more welcoming atmosphere, Lil Pazo and his colleague, Barbie Jay, took matters into their own hands.

They decided to give the studio a complete makeover. Armed with mops and air fresheners, they set out to eliminate any trace of unpleasant odors, and their goal was to appease their fellow artist.

Nince Henry chased me, saying I had a bad odor coming from my shoes. He told Barbie Jay he couldn’t get out of his Benz because our appearance wasn’t pleasing to him. We cleaned the studio for a whole day, bought air fresheners just for him to agree to enter. He was writing Rema Namakula’s song ‘Akatonotono’.

Lil Pazo Lunabe

After a thorough cleaning and a generous amount of air fresheners, Lil Pazo and Barbie Jay succeeded in transforming the studio into a fresh and inviting environment.

It was at this point that the fellow artist finally agreed to enter and concluded writing the song.

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