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King Saha proposes role as Prime Minister to transform Uganda


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KingsLove Entertainment singer Mansor Ssemanda alias King Saha is one of the very outspoken and creative musicians that the Ugandan industry is blessed with.

He is always free to express what he feels and often gives advice on how certain ideas should be implemented for fellow citizens to live a better life.

Saha is not afraid of airing his views concerning the political issues at hand and he is known as one of the artists who is in bed with Bobi Wine’s NUP.

In an interview with NBS TV, King Saha revealed the position he would like to have if he were to be part of the ruling government.

The “Mulilwana” singer stated that if he was to be appointed the Prime Minister of Uganda, the office that Hon. Robinah Nabbanja occupies currently, he would make sure that the national resources are put to greater use.

He feels that the people appointed in such positions have not done enough to steer the nation forward and have failed to tackle the public’s most pressing needs that people yearn to be sorted.

When you’re given a ministerial role, the intention is to serve the people. If I’m appointed in Hon. Robinah Nabbanja’s position, I could transform the nation because it is the position where someone can properly allocate and use resources for the nation’s benefit.

King Saha

He highlighted at a moment when Hon. Nabbanja came through to his home area Nakawuka and promised that the government was to work on their dusty road but it is now two years down and nothing has ever been done.

He also expressed disappointment in the leaders elected in the 2021 general election saying they have not done much in benefit for their community.

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