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From jest to hit: Uganda’s ‘Locomotive – The Whistle Song’ story (Watch)


The story behind the “Locomotive – The Whistle Song,” which featured GNL Zamba, Goodlyfe Crew, Vampino, Viboyo, Mr. X, Cindy, Rabadaba and a few other artists is a catchy track which was released in 2012 and it showed the power and joy of collaborations.

It all started when GNL Zamba, along with Goodlyfe and other talented artists, gathered at Just Jose’s studio.

With a playful spirit, they challenged themselves to come up with something extraordinary.

During their session, someone jokingly suggested that the song could become a hit if one of them simply whistled.

Little did they know that this sarcastic remark would become the foundation of their masterpiece.

Inspired by this playful banter, Jeff, Goodlyfe’s then-manager, saw the potential in the song title and decided to run with it.

With their collective talent and a touch of mischief, they began crafting the “Locomotive – The Whistle Song.”

The result was an amazing fusion of music, creativity, and humour that until today is considered one of the best All Stars song in Uganda’s music scene. Upon its release, the “Locomotive – Whistle Song” quickly gained popularity.

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