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Eddy Kenzo endorses AI use with consent from late artist’s family


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Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) President Edriisa Musuuza alias Eddy Kenzo has weighed in on an issue concerning the use of the late singer Mowzey Radio’s tone in the AI by a selected group of individuals in the music industry.

He states that the idea would have not been bad if the right steps had been taken including getting consent from the late’s family to rightfully use his tone via AI by some artists.

The “Stamina” hit singer also backed the opinion that all those who use the late’s tone in AI to always payback to the family stating that it is not okay to use someone’s tone without making proper arrangements for how his family would benefit from it.

He further stresses that he doesn’t mind if his note is also used in the AI but on condition that the person using it seeks permission from him or his family and agree on how they would share the loyalties from the project.

The use of AI in the music industry wouldn’t have been a bad idea but the people who use it would have to seek permission to use anyone’s voice.

However much it is AI we should remember that it is someone’s tone…their family should benefit. Even though it is to use my tone in the AI, I have no problem if they seek consent from my family or myself if I am still alive.

Eddy Kenzo

Eddy Kenzo shared his view on the use of AI following a recent interview in which Kalifah AgaNaga urged artists using Radio’s legacy to shine to give back to his family so that they benefit from his creativity.

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