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Lilian Mbabazi confirms UNMF jam sessions revival


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It’s been quite some time since the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) jam sessions which usually happened on Tuesdays at Hotel A’lure were called off due to undisclosed reasons.

The federation leaders did not come out to clear the air as to why they had decided to take a brisk halt of the jam sessions that had started to nurture fresh talents in the music industry.

Speaking in an interview, singer Lilian Mbabazi addressed the matter and confirmed to the public that the jam sessions will resume very soon.

She noted that the dates for the return of the jam sessions would be announced very soon.

Like any organization sometimes there are a few breaks that you take to recognize and make something get better.

However, the Jam session will resume very soon. The dates for its return will be announced later. so just keep your eyes open.

Lilian Mbabazi

Lilian Mbabazi, as one of the leaders at the UNMF, is in charge of organising events.

Several rising artists are expected to flock to the venue to showcase their talents.

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