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Lydia Jazmine emphasizes genuine support over transactional mindset in music industry


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Lydia Jazmine who held her maiden concert about two months ago, gave her view on the issue of artists not supporting each other on concerts.

Rather than focusing on who doesn’t support, she says that it could be financial constraints and emphasizes doing things out of passion and not to be seen.

Lydia Jazmine believes that true support should come from a place of authenticity and passion.

She acknowledges that some artists may not have the financial means to buy tables at concerts, but she doesn’t judge them for it. Instead, she chooses to support her fellow artists because it’s what she genuinely wants to do without expecting anything in return.

For Lydia, supporting other artists is not about a transactional mindset. It’s about fostering a sense of unity and togetherness within the industry, and she believes that by uplifting and cheering on her peers, she contributes to a positive and supportive environment for everyone involved

Whatever I do to support my artists is because it’s my decision, and I don’t expect anything in return. I don’t judge anyone on why they don’t support others on concerts. Maybe they don’t have money to buy tables.

Lydia Jazmine

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