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Clear terms essential for fairness between musicians and producers, says Mesach Ssemakula


The issue of establishing clear terms between producers and musicians has become increasingly important and Mesach Ssemakula, a respected figure in the industry, advised on the significance of setting mutual expectations to ensure fairness between artists and producers.

He acknowledges that both producers and musicians play vital roles in the creation of music. However, he recognizes that conflicts can arise when it comes to sharing the rights and royalties associated with a song. To address this, he emphasizes the need for clear terms and agreements from the start.

According to Papa Mesach, artists should take the initiative to establish fair terms with their producers. By doing so, both parties can ensure that everyone involved in the production process receives the recognition and compensation they deserve.

He emphasizes that they need each other to create exceptional music and by establishing clear terms, they can build trust and maintain a healthy working dynamic, leading to a more fruitful and rewarding partnership rather than fighting amongst each other.

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