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Martha Mukisa: “I use social media to relieve stress”


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Martha Mukisa has revealed that she turns to social media to alleviate stress rather than being serious on there like others imagine she should be.

Martha Mukisa shares that social media specifically TikTok allows her to reveal different aspects of her life beyond her music.

This platform not only helps her fans see her as more than just an artist but also serves as a tool for promoting her music and reaching a wider audience.

Martha Mukisa uses social media to keep her followers updated on events in her life. She recounted an experience where she was nearly carjacked.

A robber attempted to break into her car, an incident she shared on TikTok to warn others about the dangers of parking in unsafe areas.

While some viewers criticised her for seeking sympathy, Martha is confident that many found her advice helpful.

I use social media to express myself and also relieve stress. People who don’t know me besides music have a chance to get to know me from there.

They see the other side of Martha. Recently I was almost robbed when a thug broke into my car. I used my TikTok platform to advise my followers to always be careful where they park their cars and lock them. Some insulted me but I’m sure there are those who took the advice.

Martha Mukisa

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