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Ohrions Muwajjuma says lack of content is why comedians crack vuglar jokes


About two weeks ago, the Merry Heart comedy duo (Tumbeetu) embarked on a move to appreciate and reward most of the veteran comedians who inspired them to join the comedy industry with the little they could afford.

Their first move did not yield the results since the person (comedian Kabata) they wanted to surprise with a few items bounced them from his home.

The disappointment and embarrassment they faced did not ruin their spirit of trying to approach others and the most recent one was the surprise visit where they reached out to an Ohrions comedian, Steval Muzira a.k.a Muwajjuma who welcomed them with open hands.

They gifted him with a portrait painting of his picture and other items including bread, soda, matooke, and salt among others.

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During their conversation, Muwajjuma disclosed why he thinks some comedians have lately turned to cracking jokes with vulgar punchlines.

Muwajjuma believes this is due to the lack of content and thus comedians end up with jokes that are inappropriate to the audience.

Eddie Kigeere also applauded the duo for being creative and establishing a thing of rewarding veteran comedians.

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