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Pastor Mondo wants Kim Swagga and Bad Black to have more children


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Two months ago, socialite Bad Black and fashionista Kim ‘Swagga’ Kibirige called off their bickering and decided to settle everything between them amicably.

The pair’s reunion was welcomed by many of their followers and well-wishers who wished to see them live in peace without attacking each other since they have a child together.

Several people online urged them to co-parent as they raise their child, Davina.

When Pastor Mondo Mugisha was asked about the pair’s bond, he was elated to hear that they were back on good terms.

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Appearing in an interview, Mondo, applauded Kim Swagga for heeding to the advice that he shared with him when he asked him to make amends with Bad Black.

He further claimed how he wishes to see the pair give birth to more children saying even if they give birth to 10 children he will welcome all of them because he wants to have many grandchildren.

I wish Kim Swagga and Bad Black to give birth to more kids because I don’t want to have only one grand child.

The step he took toward mending his relationship with Bad Black was a wise and clever move. I wish them to give birth to more kids even if 10, I welcome it.

Pastor Mondo

He further denied claims of having a relationship affair with Kenyan female Pastor, Natasha, adding that he is single and contented.

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