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Pearl Magic Celebrates Big Wins at Uganda Film Festival 2024


The Uganda Film Festival 2024, held on Friday, June 7th, was a dazzling evening of celebration and recognition forMultiChoice Uganda’s stars on Pearl Magic and Pearl Magic Prime Channels.

This prestigious annual event honours excellence in the Ugandan film industry, and this year, actors, and producers with content on our platform took home several top awards, displaying our commitment to showcasing and supporting outstanding local talent.

Pearl Magic and Pearl Magic Prime’s dramatic offerings made a significant mark at the festival, with Damalie and Prestigeleading the way.

Best TV Series: Damalie

The gripping TV series Damalie won Best TV Series, praised for its compelling storyline, strong character development, and exceptional production values. The series has captivated Ugandan audiences with its engaging plot and stellar performances.

Best Actress in a TV Series: Doreen Mirembe (Damalie)

Doreen Mirembe’s powerful portrayal in Damalie earned her the award for Best Actress in a TV Series. Her standout performance has received critical acclaim and the admiration of viewers.

Best Actor in a TV Series: Symon Base Kalema (Prestige)

Symon Base Kalema’s dynamic and compelling performance in Award winning Series, – Prestige was recognized with the Best Actor in a TV Series award. His immense talent has significantly contributed to the show’s success.

More Pearl Magic film productions shone brightly, winning multiple awards in technical and creative categories.

Best Costume Design and Best Makeup: Lions of Buganda

Lions of Buganda received awards for Best Costume Design and Best Makeup, lauded for its meticulous attention to historical accuracy and stunning visual presentation. These accolades highlight the exceptional craftsmanship and creativity behind the film.

Best Indigenous Film: Lions of Buganda
Lions of Buganda was recognized for showcasing use of local dialect, cultural heritage, and storytelling. It was honoured for exceling in representing Ugandan (Specifically Buganda)narratives and resonate with local audiences.

Best Postproduction: Soccer Heart

The film Soccer Heart was awarded Best Postproduction, recognizing excellence in editing, visual effects, and overall production quality. The seamless integration of these elements created a polished and professional final product that stood out at the festival.

Best Sound Design and Best Screenplay: Christmas Together

Christmas Together won Best Sound Design and Best Screenplay, celebrated for its immersive soundscape and well-crafted narrative. These elements were instrumental in creating an engaging and emotionally resonant experience for audiences.

Speaking to the success of these productions at the festival, Rinaldi Jamugisa, PR and Communications Manager, MultiChoice Uganda commented, “These wins at the Uganda Film Festival display MultiChoice Uganda’s dedication to fostering local talent and producing high-quality content.

The company’s commitment to excellence in storytelling, production, and technical execution on Pearl Magic Productions has set a high standard in the Ugandan film industry.”

“Pearl Magic’s success at the festival is a testament to the hard work and creativity of the actors, producers, and entire production teams behind these award-winning projects,” Jamugisa explained, adding that, “Their achievements highlight the vibrant and dynamic nature of the Ugandan film industry and its potential for continued growth and success.”

“As we continue to support and promote local talent, the future of the Ugandan film industry looks brighter than ever,” said Brian Mulondo, Local Content Marketing Manager, MultiChoice Uganda, narrating that, “Pearl Magic and Pearl Magic Prime’s triumphs at the Uganda Film Festival serve as an inspiration to filmmakers and artists across the country, encouraging them to pursue excellence in their craft.”

The Uganda Film Festival 2024 was a night of celebration for filmmakers and their collaborators, with multiple awards recognizing outstanding contributions to the film industry.

From captivating TV series to technically superior films, MultiChoice Uganda has demonstrated its leadership in bringing high-quality, engaging content that resonates with audiences.

These awards honour not only the individual achievements of actors and producers but also the collective effort and dedication of everyone involved in bringing these remarkable stories to life.

Remember to catch these award-winning shows and more on DStv and GOtv’s Pearl Magic (DStv Ch161 & GOtv Ch301) and Pearl Magic Prime (DStv Ch148 & GOtv Ch303)

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