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Irene Ntale hints at 2025 concert as she promotes new song “Mpa Nkuwe”


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For quite some time, songster Irene Ntale has been off the Ugandan showbiz while in the studio try working on new music projects.

A few weeks back she released a new jam titled “Mpa Nkuwe” that she is promoting at the moment.

Fortunately, lady luck was on her side that at the time she released the song, Lil Pazo who has a crush on her had been the talk of the town following his trending single “Enkuudi” which has attracted mixed reviews from music critics and fellow artists including A Pass and Yaled among others.

During an interview, Lil Pazo expressed the desire to go on a date with Irene Ntale at any of her favorite chill-out spots and have a good time.

Knowing showbiz pretty well, Irene Ntale has since capitalised on Lil Pazo’s request to as well to promote her new song so that it could spread.

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Speaking to Spark TV’s DailySoup gossip show, Ms. Irene Ntale was asked whether she plans to hold a concert for music lovers before the year ends.

She replied noting that this year she is looking at promoting her music that she plans to release very soon and hinted that if all goes well, in 2025 she will be staging a concert.

She joins A Pass as the second artist to hint about staging concerts the coming year.

Irene Ntale last held a concert when she quit Swangz Avenue to commence with her solo career in 2017.

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